In this category I publish the final documentation of all the projects that I have done in the past.

Printdesigns for Team Harbor @ CCCamp2019

Design of the print media for Team Harbor @ CCCamp19

Article: Workgroup "critical infrastructure"

Publication in Datenschleuder, the magazin of the association of the CCC e.V.

New cabin floor for sailboat Oceaan 25

Construction of a new cabin floor for a sailboat.

big CNC Router

custom manufacturing, import, installation and commissioning of a large CNC router

Casket for engagement ring

noble woods, homemade inlays and a lot of love

35. Chaos Communication Congress in Leipzig

Coordination of the moderators and stage managers for the 35c3

Thermo- and hygrometer as Christmas presents

with a self CNC-milled housing from red beech.

Mount for hand-operated espresso machine

Boat-suitable assembly, suited for high listing angles, for a Wacaco Nanopress

Article: "AI and Blockchain are the refugee debate of digital politics!"

Article on the priorities of German digital policy

new workbench with further machines

For the c-base workshop, a new workbench was designed to integrate the CNC milling machine and chop saw.

Rulers for marking Go boards

Making Go boards yourself is easy with the right tools

Planning and realization of "The Hive"

Installation der c-base auf dem 34c3 in Leipzig

Chaos Communication Congress in Leipzig

Coordination of moderators and stage managers for the 34c3

Picture frames for Christmas

I created picture frames from beech wood for my family.

Inlays with the CNC milling machine

fine processing of precious wood as a Christmas gift with c-nancy

Project c-nancy

Design and construction of a CNC milling machine for c-base

Stars for Project Blacklight

Herstellung von Zubehör für eine Hacking Challenge

Community Management for airberlin

Social media and online communication for airberlin

Planning and Organizing the Moderators for SHA2017

3500 Hacker camping in the Netherlands - organizing of the moderators.

Exclusive Living Room Lamp

Production of a unique piece of interior from the wood of a wild cherry

CryptoParty "Freedom through Data Protection" in Tübingen

I teached on a Cryptoparty knowledge for digital self defense