Whenever I present something to a Crowd and there is a recording, then I will publish the recording in this Category.

Talk: "Wat tut die AG KRITIS?"

German lecture during the 94th netpolitical evening on board the c-base

Cyberhilfswerk - Concept Release 1.0

Presentation of the concept at the DefensiveCon 2020

CryptoParty "Freedom through Data Protection" in Tübingen

I teached on a Cryptoparty knowledge for digital self defense

33c3 - Coordination of Stagemanagers and Moderators

Coordination of the Moderators and Stage managera for the 33. Chaos Communication Congress

Why Hackerfleet failed

Talk from the Track "Failosophy" during CCCamp15

Radioshow "Hyperbandrauschen" about MV Stubnitz

Radioshow to support MV Stubnitz in Drydock.

Talk about Hackerfleet during Wireless Community Weekend

The Core of the Hackerfleet idea, presented during the WCW

Lightning Talk of Hackerfleet during 28c3

A brief overview of the Hackerfleet project