I’m Ijon, and on this website, I share my extensive collection of project documentations with you. Dive deep into a chaotic mix of freelance projects and personal passion projects

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Developing project Libreflip

Open Source page-turning DIY Bookscanner

I am currently developing an open-source page-turning book scanner called Libreflip. The goal of the project is to create a page-turning book scanner that has complete documentation and is optimized to be easy to be build by others.

I am documenting this project with a videoseries on Youtube and provide regular updates via Twitter and a Facebook Page.

  • Youtube Series

    Youtube Playlist, containing every Episode of the series “building Libreflip”

  • Twitter

    Follow the regular project updates on Twitter.

  • Github

    Download or Contribute to the project data

What my customers say about my work.

Ijon is most excellent in situations where he has to decide fast and sticks with his decision. Wether he is controlling a crowd of a couple of thousand people or managing a stage at a congress, he gets it done and works around almost any obstacle.

Ijon arbeitete stets sehr effizient, zielstrebig und sorgfältig. Er bewies ein herausragendes Organisationsgeschick.

Ijon war stets engagiert dabei unser Unternehmen auf breiter Ebene voranzubringen. Er identifizierte sich absolut mit seinen Aufgaben und war hochmotiviert und zeigte ein hohes Maß an Eigeninitiative und Leistungsbereitschaft.

Er verfügt über ein äußerst umfassendes und hervorragendes Fachwissen, […] dabei war er auch höchstem Zeitdruck und Arbeitsaufwand stets gewachsen.

These are some of the many areas in which I can create solutions.

There is just one requirement: I need to use my brain on a daily basis. The rest is negotiable.


I do not fear big crowds. I am an experienced, energetic and charismatic moderator for your Event.


Do you need a one-off? A special prototype or machine for a specific task? Let me build it for you!


Do you need Crew for your Yacht or Ship? Ask me.


I make sure that your show runs perfectly smooth. Even under difficult circumstances.

Public Relations

Several years of experience with public relations and a big network of contacts allow me to improve your public relations, visibility and brand-value.

Writer and Translator

I  am writing professional press releases, blogposts, papers and tutorials in german and english. I can translate both ways.

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If you want to send me an encrypted mail: j.rundfeldt [at] mailbox.org

GPG-Fingerprint: D87C E58E 86FE D7B1 B4B7 5E55 C87F 02E0 AF2C 6766 (Key)

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