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Geheimtipp Hamburg on Board of MS Stubnitz

As Ambassador of the MS Stubnitz I am showing the MS Stubnitz for a short film about the ship.

Radio programme Hyperbandrauschen about Libreflip

Ajuvo invited me to produce a radio show with him for the open…

Interview on the cultural history of the Bitcoin revolution

Bitcoin ist Teil einer digitalen Widerstandsbewegung gegen Überwachung und die globale Kontrollgesellschaft

Interview with Kai from cantaloup.fm

Short Interview about the topics data protection and encryption

Article: hackers break the clichés

French article about the Berlin Hacker scene, published by the CFJLab

Podcast “damals tm – MS Stubnitz”

Podcast to document the history of the MS Stubnitz, recorded with ajuvo and blo

“Hackers: Au cœur de la résistance numérique”

Amaelle Guiton featured the Hackerfleet in her Book "Hackers"

CNN about Hackerfleet

CNN published an article about the Hackerfleet

Ex-Berliner Interview about apocalyptic scenarios

Interview about hypothetical apocalyptic scenarios and what Hacker could've to do with it.

Interview about the german Pirate Party

Marie Katharina Wagner asked me some questions for her book.

Copyright? Fuck it!

VICE-Interview: "Copyright? Fuck it!"

Interview in “Zeit” about 3D Printers

I gave an Interview to the german magazine "Zeit" about 3D Printers