Podcast “damals tm – MS Stubnitz”

After months of coordinating between too many parties I finally managed to find a date that fitted all involved. Ajuvo and went to Hamburg in his “Ente” (Citroen 2CV) aboard the MS Stubnitz to record an Episode of his Podcast “Damals TM”.

The Damals TM Podcast has the goal to create historic audio documents from and with contemporary witnesses. “Damals” means “back then” or “back in time” in english.

“about the state of affairs how they’ve been in the past, why it was how it was, so that it is how it is and how it came that it came” (bad english translations of several mingled together german sayings)

In this Episode the Story of MS Stubnitz (Website des Projekts) and the seafaring history of the former GDR is investigated.

They tell storys from back then, the GDR, seafaring, the Fall of the Wall and the time thereafter and how an old ship was transformed into a space for culture and arts.

The Podcast in full length can be found here, but is unfortunately only available in the german language: Damals TM – Podcast about MS Stubnitz

Foto angefertigt von der Stubnitz-Crew

Foto angefertigt von der Stubnitz-Crew