Copyright? Fuck it!

The VICE magazine conducted an interview with me on the topic of copyright. The article begins with the statement that I was the press officer of c-base, I would like to correct that I was deputy chairman at the time of the interview, but not press officer. Therefore, the analogy to the 1st officer is correct, but not the statement that I was pressesprecher of  c-base.

Das Netz kann man nicht zensieren. Das wird einfach nicht funktionieren. Man kann es lediglich für diejenigen zensieren, die weder Zeit noch Motivation, noch die nötige Ahnung haben, sich damit auseinander zu setzen.

The article is available on the VICE website.

Furthermore, it is important to me to emphasize that c-base is always written in lowercase, even at the beginning of the sentence and in a title.