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Policy Brief on Defensive Cyber Security Strategy

Cyber attacks are countered by not offering them a gateway.

Interview on the cultural history of the Bitcoin revolution

Bitcoin ist Teil einer digitalen Widerstandsbewegung gegen Überwachung und die globale Kontrollgesellschaft

Interview with Kai from cantaloup.fm

Short Interview about the topics data protection and encryption

CryptoParty “Freedom through Data Protection” in Tübingen

I teached on a Cryptoparty knowledge for digital self defense

“FDP spies on the Chancellor”

Guerilla-PR action to demand a No-Spy-treaty

Cryptoparty in the german parliament

How I hosted a cryptoparty in the german parliament.

Interview about the german Pirate Party

Marie Katharina Wagner asked me some questions for her book.

Copyright? Fuck it!

VICE-Interview: "Copyright? Fuck it!"