CryptoParty “Freedom through Data Protection” in Tübingen

A cryptoparty is a casual evening event, starting with a brief introductory lecture, explaining to the participants that encryption and data protection are relevant to everyone today and is necessary for maintaining freedom of expression in times of total surveillance by authorities and intelligence services. CryptoPartys are courses in digital self defense.

The liberal university group of the University of Tübingen organizedfor the second time a CryptoParty and invited speakers from LOAD e.V.
I would like to thank them for the invitation. I traveled from Berlin on the day of the event and gave a workshop on anonymous surfing and explained in particular the differences between VPN and TOR.

The participants showed great interest in learning more about cookies and the incognito mode of a browser. I enjoyed to explain them more about these topics.

The other speaker was Hartmut Hanke, he gave a workshop on secure chatting and explained the differences between different popular messengers such as Signal, Wire, Telegram, Whatsapp, Jabber and Co

The old city center of Tübingen is worth seeing and provided us with several nice pubs for a comfortable ending of the event.

I would like to thank @shiromarieke and @arjenkamphuis for providing some great slides for my presentation.