“FDP spies on the Chancellor”

Tasks and Requirements

2014-01-22 10.13.44

Through sources from inside the german parliament we learned in time of the closed-door convention that the german Chancellor Angela Merkel wanted to conduct at Meseberg Palace on 22-23. January 2014.

Our objective was to convince not only the Chancellor, but also the general public of the importance of the issue and the competence of the FDP in the topic of general surveillance through the creation of effective media content. Our activities had to stay “under the radar” because the police had cordoned off Schloss Meseberg had already in the morning. Therefore it was mandatory that the “radio equipment” had absolutly no function and that no layman could get the suspicion that this “radio equipment” could pose a threat to anyone.


With the help of my network I organized a disused radar antenna and constructed an improvised antenna-foot, which could be easily assembled on site and could be mounted on a vehicle.

The transport of the objects through the police barricades worked remarkably well – several of the policemen may had the impression that we were local farmers. This might have something to do with our choice of vehicle. Behind a barn, the parts were assembled and secured with straps on the vehicle. Two politicians of the FDP gave with Meseberg Palace in the background and the “monitoring vehicle” in the foreground a statement and the image and video data generated were sent without delay to the national office of the party.



Due to other events our images and videos unfortunately did not made it in the evening news. The pictures were used and visible for a few days in the online communication of the Young Liberals and the FDP and showed that the FDP can function as extra-parliamentarian opposition.