Policy Brief on Defensive Cyber Security Strategy

For LOAD e.V. I developed and wrote a policy briefing together with Ruben Dieckhoff on the topic of the German cyber security strategy.

Cyber attacks are countered by not offering them a gateway. This is only possible with the highest standards and the highest priority of IT security. This must be the focus of the Federal Government. When citizens sit in darkness for days on end, chaos breaks out in traffic, and people in intensive care units can only be treated with emergency generators, they will ask not “Why didn’t you hack back?” but “Why didn’t you protect us?

LOAD condemns the use and deployment of any offensive technology in cyberspace. Instead, we advocate a strictly defensive cyber security strategy because, as we explain in our Policy Brief, attack in cyberspace is not the best defense.
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The Tagesspiegel Background reported on the publication with an article. The Briefing and the article are unfortunately both only available in german language.