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Thermo- and hygrometer as Christmas presents

with a self CNC-milled housing from red beech.

Mount for hand-operated espresso machine

Boat-suitable assembly, suited for high listing angles, for a Wacaco Nanopress

new workbench with further machines

For the c-base workshop, a new workbench was designed to integrate the CNC milling machine and chop saw.

Picture frames for Christmas

I created picture frames from beech wood for my family.

Inlays with the CNC milling machine

fine processing of precious wood as a Christmas gift with c-nancy

Project c-nancy

Design and construction of a CNC milling machine for c-base

Exclusive Living Room Lamp

Production of a unique piece of interior from the wood of a wild cherry

Magic Touch Mirror

Construction of a noble corridor mirror with hidden screen and touch interface from oak wood

Tablesaw with Tilting Router Lift

Construction of a tilting router lift and mounting of a table saw into an old workbench.

RBB about the Subantenna during Camp 2015

short TV segment about the Subantenna and the c-base Village

Subantenna of c-base

Construction and building of a scale model of the Berlin TV-Tower

Vacuum Forming Machine

Background According to the founding myth, the association c-base…

Wooden Tablesaw

Construction of a wooden fence system for a cheap small tablesaw


Creation of a machine to liberate books