Exclusive Living Room Lamp


My customer wanted an exclusive living room lamp, which stylistically integrates into the rather minimalistic interior, dominated by a high work table made of coarse beams. The lamp should reflect and emphasize the shape of the table, but still have a noble look.


After weeks of searching, I found a sufficiently large beam of the noble wood of a wild cherry, which I could buy. A long drive was necessary to get it.

After the beam was planed, all surfaces were reworked with a hand plane in order to repair tears and imperfections. After that, I partially hollowed the beam from the top to make room for the cabling and the metal parts to hanging the lamp with.

Unfortunately, because of its enormous size, the beam had a big crack from drying, which had to be stabilized. For this I used two butterfly keys from the even harder hornbeam. Hornbeam has a nice white color, which creates a nice contrast to the darker cherry. The butterfly keys are on the upper side of the beam and are therefore not visible.

The surface was treated with 6 layers of danish oil, after each layer was sanded with a finer grain up to a grain size of 400 grain size. This created a very shiny surface.

I have filmed every single step of the work and created a video for the platform Youtube, so this blog post remains rather short and I will let the images speak.



The customer is very satisfied with his new lamp and is pleased with the result.