Picture frames for Christmas


In the last few years I have given books to my immediate family for Christmas, matching their interests. This year it was supposed to be something homemade. Since there are now many selfmade machines ready for use, I used them to make picture frames for my family.



I started with a rough and unedged board from beech wood, which I cut lengthwise into single strips. These strips were then straightened with the jointer and the thickness plane. From these rectangular strips I made a cut-out with the table saw, in which the glass will later sit. The next step was to mill the profile of the picture frames, for which I used the height-adjustable and tilting router lift and cut the profile out of the strips in a total of four passes with different milling bits.

In the next step I cut all the strips to the correct length by cutting them off at right angles. For this purpose I fixed blocks to the mitre saw, which served as a stop for a high accuracy.

Then I moved the stop blocks so that the position fits for the mitre cuts and then I cut all the mitres. The next step was to glue the wooden parts together. By means of mitre clamps I held the wooden parts together, while the frames were pressed from above with weights on a flat surface.

Now there was only the grinding of the surfaces, grooves and edges left. I started this process with a stationary belt grinder and finished it with fine sandpaper. Afterwards I oiled the beech wood with a hard wax and polished it with soft cloths.

I had the glass and the passepartout made and cut to size by Mr. Christoph Falk, I gladly support his business (through orders), because of the highly competent and personal consultation and because of his large stock, with which he can fulfill special requests easily and promptly.


My relatives got three different pictures, suitable for the frame. Two pictures are photos of my girlfriend and me, the third picture is from a photo shoot with Dennis van Zuilekom. Dennis is the one behind the project “Shoot all the Hackers” and photographed me during this project at the SHA2017 in Holland. A picture from this series has turned out so good that I haven’t shown it to anyone from my relatives yet, because at first sight I immediately thought “I’ll give this picture away with a nice frame for Christmas”.


I made a video for this small project and uploaded it to my Youtube channel.