Memorial in Burgwedel

image02  This memorial has been created in cooperation with the sculptor Peter Lechelt. My area of responsibility was the design of the shapes and the production of meaningful computer generated images for the City Council and the citizens of the town of Burgwedel.

The memorial consists of two pairs of sand stone, forming a sepulchral stele. The first, the so-called Gate of remembrance is dedicated  to the military victims of WWII. Originally thick plates of bulletproof glas were used, in which the names of the dead were etched into. Only the names were etched, troops affiliation or rank was deliberately omitted.image01

The second, smaller, pair of sepulchral steles are covered with distinctive chamfers, that remind deliberately of a sheltered home. This part of the memorial commemorates the 15 civilians and 28 infants who died in a orphanage in Burgwedel through the actions of the Nazis.

Unfortunately, the glass plates were destroyed by fanatical vandalists a few weeks after the inauguration.