Heralde and Stagemanager of 36c3

For the third time, the CCC met in Leipzig for the annual Chaos Communication Congress.

On 5 official stages and some more so-called assembly stages, which are operated by the community, a tightly packed program took place for four days. From 11 in the morning until 2 at night there were lectures.

This year 37 Heralde, 76 stage managers and stage supporters were part of our team.

This year we welcomed Chester as a new team member of SHOC (Stagemanager and Heralds Operating Center), who will now coordinate the stage managers together with Katzazi. This means that the workload has now been divided on four shoulders – Lindworm and I will take care of the Heralds and Katzazi and Chester will take care of the stage managers and stage supporters. This will allow both teams to grow further apart and gain greater independence, while reducing the workload on the individual – a very welcome development.


This year’s congress went very well for SHOC, there were no major problems or difficulties, almost all presentations started on time, there were hardly any delays. The changes introduced in the area of crowd flow management were also successful.

I would like to express my sincere thanks to all participating angels – without your dedication and engagement this event would not be possible!