Podcast “Behind the Scenes of the SHOC”

Lindworm has been producing various podcasts under the label Sendungsbewusstsein.info for some time now. Among other things, he is currently producing a podcast series called “Behind the Scenes of the Chaos Communication Congress” (HdK C3). In this series he talks to different people who are involved around the congress and asks them to tell him what they actually do.

Today Lindworm and I recorded an episode of this series about the SHOC – the Stagemanager and Heralds Operation Center, the organizational unit at the Chaos Communication Congress, which takes care of the moderators and stage managers.

Since Lindworm and I both have been deeply involved in the structure of the SHOC since its establishment, we asked a third person, @dieKadda, to moderate this episode, we met in her kitchen for the recording. Thank you for the great moderation and the hospitality to use your kitchen as a recording studio. Kadda also produces a podcast, which is available at hauseins.fm.

Unfortunately the Podcast was recorded only in german and there is no english translation.

And if you want more information about the C3-Congresses, here is a list of all of my other blogposts about C3-events and what I did there..