Hackathon "Social Bearing"

Developing an App on a ship chartered for this purpose

Autonomous Unmanned Watercraft: MS0x00

Designed, constructed and build a naval robotic vehicle for surveying of waterbodys

Talk about Hackerfleet during Wireless Community Weekend

The Core of the Hackerfleet idea, presented during the WCW

Copyright? Fuck it!

VICE-Interview: "Copyright? Fuck it!"

Lightning Talk of Hackerfleet during 28c3

A brief overview of the Hackerfleet project

Interview in "Zeit" about 3D Printers

I gave an Interview to the german magazine "Zeit" about 3D Printers

Microdinkel Workshop

A workshop to build a small and inexpensive robot to engange people in robotics and electronics


Creation of a machine to liberate books

Memorial in Burgwedel

The memorial consists of two pairs of sand stone, forming a sepulchral stele. The first, the so-called Gate of remembrance is dedicated to the military victims of WWII.