“Fax machines in the center of the power” – 35c3

What efforts are there to digitize the Bundestag, why “a pad and a wiki” is not enough, what else one could still do and why one still needs fax machines in politics – I have discussed this with Julia (Bundestag, netzpolitik.org, cihr.eu) and Walter (Open Knowledge Foundation), moderated by Noujoum.

Germany has fallen far behind other European countries in terms of the digitisation of the state, politics should now (finally) fix it, but is still hopelessly analogous itself.

The political processes and bureaucratic procedures in the Bundestag are familiar in detail to the political nerds Noujoum and Julia and me, as we all are employees of members of parliament in the Bundestag.

The discussion took place on a self-organized stage during the 35c3 in Leipzig. The stage was built and operated by the Hackerspace alliance “Chaos West”, thank you very much for the short term lecture slot.

Video of the panel discussion

unfortunately only available in german.

kindly produced and hosted by @c3voc auf media.ccc.de