Why Hackerfleet failed

Talk from the Track "Failosophy" during CCCamp15

Subantenna of c-base

Construction and building of a scale model of the Berlin TV-Tower

Vacuum Forming Machine

Background According to the founding myth, the association c-base…

Moderation and Stage Management

I am active as Moderator and Stagemanager since 2013 on various Events.

Wooden Tablesaw

Construction of a wooden fence system for a cheap small tablesaw

Radioshow "Hyperbandrauschen" about MV Stubnitz

Radioshow to support MV Stubnitz in Drydock.

Ship Transfer, Repair and Class Renewal of MV Stubnitz

Supporting the MV Stubnitz in Drydock to achieve Class Renewal.

Ingress table

The aim of this project was to create a unique piece of furniture, that serves as a meeting point for Ingress players.

Linux-Magazin about the Hackerfleet

The linux magazine published a multi page article about the Hackerfleet

“FDP spies on the Chancellor”

Guerilla-PR action to demand a No-Spy-treaty

Cryptoparty in the german parliament

How I hosted a cryptoparty in the german parliament.

"Hackers: Au cœur de la résistance numérique"

Amaelle Guiton featured the Hackerfleet in her Book "Hackers"

CNN about Hackerfleet

CNN published an article about the Hackerfleet

Ex-Berliner Interview about apocalyptic scenarios

Interview about hypothetical apocalyptic scenarios and what Hacker could've to do with it.

Interview about the german Pirate Party

Marie Katharina Wagner asked me some questions for her book.

Hackathon "Social Bearing"

Developing an App on a ship chartered for this purpose

Autonomous Unmanned Watercraft: MS0x00

Designed, constructed and build a naval robotic vehicle for surveying of waterbodys

Talk about Hackerfleet during Wireless Community Weekend

The Core of the Hackerfleet idea, presented during the WCW

Copyright? Fuck it!

VICE-Interview: "Copyright? Fuck it!"

Lightning Talk of Hackerfleet during 28c3

A brief overview of the Hackerfleet project

Interview in "Zeit" about 3D Printers

I gave an Interview to the german magazine "Zeit" about 3D Printers