Article: Workgroup “critical infrastructure”

Since April 2018 I am leading the working group “critical infrastructures” in the CCC e.V. together with Manuel Atug (honkhase). In this working group we are working on the topic of critical infrastructure.

Critical infrastructure (KRITIS) is an organisation or institution of major importance to the public community whose failure or degradation would result in sustained supply shortages, significant public safety disruptions or other dramatic consequences. (translated)

In the 100th issue of Datenschleuder, the magazine of the CCC, we published an article describing our work during the first year.

An important part of the article are the political requests developed by us. These requirements, when implemented, create the legislative and structural basis to ensure adequate reliability of information technology components in critical infrastructure.

The 100th Datenschleuder will only be published shortly after the publication of the 101st issue on Nevertheless I make the article available for download here.

Unfortunately, the article is only available in the german language.