Planning and Organizing the Moderators for SHA2017

3500 Hacker camping in the Netherlands - organizing of the moderators.

Interview with Kai from

Short Interview about the topics data protection and encryption

Exclusive Living Room Lamp

Production of a unique piece of interior from the wood of a wild cherry

CryptoParty "Freedom through Data Protection" in Tübingen

I teached on a Cryptoparty knowledge for digital self defense

Stage host at re:publica 2017

Hosting Stage 9 during re:publica 2017 #rp17

New ECDIS for MS Stubnitz

Delivery and Installation of a new electronic nautical chart for MS Stubnitz

Article: hackers break the clichés

French article about the Berlin Hacker scene, published by the CFJLab

33c3 - Coordination of Stagemanagers and Moderators

Coordination of the Moderators and Stage managera for the 33. Chaos Communication Congress

Magic Touch Mirror

Construction of a noble corridor mirror with hidden screen and touch interface from oak wood

Programming of a coil winding machine

Programming and first operations of a prototype of a coil winding machine

Hose adapter for dust extraction

Design and Installation of a 3d printed dust suction port for the tilting router lift fence.

Podcast "damals tm - MS Stubnitz"

Podcast to document the history of the MS Stubnitz, recorded with ajuvo and blo

Props: Read out a Smartphone in a movie

Conception, purchase, construction and delivery of a film prop in less than 3 hours.

Tablesaw with Tilting Router Lift

Construction of a tilting router lift and mounting of a table saw into an old workbench.

technical Lead of Logan CIJ Symposium 2016

My project documentation about the Logan CIJ Symposiums 2016 for which I was the technical Producer.

Line bender for thermoplastics

documementation of the construction and usage of a line bender for plastics

Stage Management and Moderation at 32c3

Report about my activites on- and behind the stages of 32c3

Deutschlandfunk about the Laserfence

The german radio station "Deutschlandfunk" aired a segment about the laserfence.

Laserfence for 32c3

Creation of a laserfence for 32c3

Field kitchen for 300 people

Field kitchen to supply several Hackerspaces during the CCCamp15

RBB about the Subantenna during Camp 2015

short TV segment about the Subantenna and the c-base Village